Rigging Services Company

No matter how heavy or large, our company can provide the rigging services you need.


We have roots as a millwright services and rigging company. We spent many years, not only fabricating, but also installing our weldments and other equipment. In our more recent years, we have been doing very little field work. This was so that we could focus more on our fab work at our shop in Bellevue, Ohio (USA). However, at times, we do perform field work for special projects especially when connected to our autoclave installs.

The following are a sample of some of our notable projects: The first is the dismantling of a soybean processing plant in Budapest, Hungary, and then reassembling it in Vienna, Georgia (USA). Another project was the rigging and moving of a boiler. This boiler was large; measuring 22′-0″ H x 14′-0″ W x 56′-0″ L, and weighing 150 Tons! The lift was made across 23 volatile pipelines carrying fuel gas, sour gas, sweet gas, FCC propylene, etc. in an oil refinery. The boiler came to its final resting place on top of a concrete pad containing more than 145 cubic yards of concrete.

The Didion Advantage - Rigging Services Company

Our years as a rigging services company helps us now in the designing and fabricating of our pressure vessels. This is because we are able to design and think from not only the perspective of a fabricator, but also, from the prospective of the one installing the equipment. Therefore, the installation of our equipment goes much smoother, because we considered the work of the rigger ahead of time.

Also, we are able to fabricate very heavy and large vessels because of our experience. When items exceed the lift rating of our cranes we are still able to move the vessel using our hydraulic lift systems. When vessels exceed the size of our shop, we can build them in our yard if needed. So, having this background as a rigging services company enables us to take on any size vessel no matter how heavy or large.