Large Diameter Custom Pipe Flanges

When you need to make a connection we have the custom pipe flanges and vessel nozzles for you.

Overview - Large Diameter Pipe Flanges

Didion Vessel is a manufacturer of large diameter custom pipe flanges and pressure vessel nozzles with a max diameter of 108″. We provide these components in both standard and custom designs, but our specialty is in large diameter flanges and heavy barrel vessel nozzles. Scroll down to check out the types we make.

We offer a number of in-house services, including PMI, PT (Liquid Penetrant Testing) and other forms of NDT for your components. And we can provide them in a wide array of alloys. When only the whetted surfaces need to be of an alloy, we can apply weld overlay. So, why is this a good option? Often times, there are great cost savings when you compare it to the same component made out of a solid alloy.

Capabilities - Large Diameter Custom Flanges

About Pressure Vessel Nozzles and Flanges

Flanges attach vessels, piping and other objects without the need of field welding. And they make vessel entry possible. In addition, they add to the ease of your project. By using bolt-able connections the transport, install, and future maintenance of your equipment is much easier. On the other hand, having all welded connections can make these a challenge. 

There is a danger, though. Two flanges bolted together form a joint. Therefore, these joints can leak if they are of poor quality or not assembled properly. These leaks can slow down your project’s start up or even cause a shutdown. And, above all, leaks can pose a danger to the safety of your employees. Therefore, the quality of your components is of high importance. In short, you can feel confident with Didion Vessel. We are a trusted designer and manufacturer of large diameter pipe flanges and vessel nozzles.

Difference between ASME/ANSI and API Flanges

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) / ANSI (American National Standards Institute) flanges are often used in industries involving water, gas, steam, and air. API (American Petroleum Institute) flanges are often used in industries involving explosive gases and oil. While they might sound similar, and sometimes may even fit together, they do not always have a compatible pressure rating. Contact us today to discuss the type of standard or custom flanges you need for your project.