Geothermal Separators & Scrubbers Manufacturer

Clean and dry your steam in our geothermal separators and scrubbers before it enters your turbine (Webre designs available).

Overview - Geothermal Separators & Steam Scrubbers

In its simplest form, a 2-phase geothermal plant brings hot high energy brine to the surface. The brine flashes into steam at the lower pressure as a result. In short, the steam then flows to power a turbine, which makes electricity.

We are a a designer and manufacturer of geothermal brine separators and steam scrubbers, demisters, or dryers including Webre designs. These vessels are undoubtedly crucial to the providing of clean, dry steam to the turbines. As a result, having clean, dry steam prevents damage to very costly turbines. Also, it helps significantly to lower plant operating costs.

We have a number of our pieces of equipment that are in use and performing very well. For instance, much of our equipment is in use near the Imperial Valley or the Salton Sea in CA, USA. Certainly, this area is known for having geothermal brine that carries very corrosive elements and easily fouls or builds up on equipment. In short, our designs are up to the task to ensure that nearly all traces of this harsh geothermal brine will not reach your turbines.

Geothermal Separators We Manufacture

Webre Style, 2-phase Separator Manufacturer

We base our brine flash vessel design on the Webre (Weber) style of separators with our own upgrades.

Webre Style, Scrubber Manufacturer

We base this scrubber or dryer design on the Webre style of geothermal dryers with our own upgrades.

Didion Style, Geothermal Scrubber Manufacturer

Connecting Pipe

This includes clad or weld overlay pipe.

Geothermal Heat Exchangers

Internal Element

We have the option to sell the internal element separate from the vessel.