Mold Dewaxing Autoclaves Manufacturer

Melt the wax without cracking your mold in the Dewaxing Autoclaves we manufacture.


Dewaxing autoclaves are used in the investment casting industry to melt and remove solid wax from the ceramic shell or mold. When it comes to the design and build of these units, you can look to our company. This is because we have spent many years building autoclaves in a wide array of sectors. Also, our family name is on each unit that leaves our doors. Therefore, we have a devotion to every project we receive. 

Whether you need a basic, manual autoclave or a complete automated system, we will build to suit your needs. The complete system comes with all of the support equipment that you will need to get you running and keep you running for years. For instance, units can include a steam boiler, steam accumulator, piping, valves, sensors, and controls. We also can these units in a wide array of sizes. Since we are family owned, we have the drive to manufacture the highest quality equipment. Moreover, we have the desire to keep improving our process and product.

Features of Our Mold Dewaxing Autoclaves