Rubber Autoclaves - Vulcanizers

Turn your soft rubber into a durable product with the vulcanizing rubber Autoclaves we manucacture.

Overview - Rubber Autoclaves Manufacturer

Rubber Curing or Vulcanizing Autoclaves

The process of autoclave vulcanizing turns natural rubber into a cured, chemically cross-linked product. What is the reason for doing this? In short, the strength of cured rubber is much greater than the natural form. Because of this, many industries use this curing process to make their products. We use these products every day, and they are an important part of our lives. For instance, some of these items include things such as tires, hoses, and formed rubber mats (just to name a few).

We have a great deal of experience building rubber vulcanizers. In short, we build these units for all industries, in a wide array of sizes, and with options to meet your needs. You can choose what type of heat you want, either electric or steam.

Tire Retreading Autoclaves

To explain what it does, a tire retreading autoclave takes a new pre-cured tread and bonds it to an old tire casing. For instance, some common uses are car, truck, airplane, and heavy equipment (OTR) tires. These rubber vulcanizers are most often fitted with a monorail on top to make it much easier to handle the tires, but we can custom build your unit to suit your needs. In fact, we provide all sizes of units to cure any tire from small to large.

Features of Our Rubber Vulcanizers