Pressure Vessel Design & Engineering Company

Pressure vessel engineering and design services with practical experience.

Overview - Pressure Vessel Engineering & Design Services

We perform ASME calculations for our vessel and piping products in-house. Our company also provide pressure vessel engineering and design services without fabrication if requested. We currently use “Compress” design software by Codeware as our primary design program. When it comes to the production of 2D fabrication drawings we use AutoCAD and for 3D modeling we use Autodesk Inventor. 

We can also provide FEA’s (Finite Element Analysis) and fatigue evaluations when required. We often make use of these methods in the designing of our autoclave rings and when working to ASME Sect. VIII, Div. 2 or 3 (design by analysis).

The Didion Advantage

Our company has spent decades in the services of pressure vessel engineering and design. It is true that the ASME code gives guidelines and that software programs greatly assist in design. However, there is no replacement for competent judgement. Plus, the ASME code is not always easy to interpret. Our staff will make sure that your design is in full compliance with the code, and beyond safe for you and your employees.

We take pride in our engineers having hands-on shop experience. As you know, there is often a disconnect of practical experience between the office and the shop floor. The hands-on know-how of our engineers closes that gap! The result? Firstly, design mistakes that can be traced to a lack of practical shop experience are reduced. Secondly, this produces a higher quality of product. And thirdly, less mistakes mean that delays on your order are much less.

Our customers feel at peace knowing that their tanks and piping were designed by us. Therefore, they can rest assured that their equipment is not a danger to anyone as long as it is operated within the scope for which it was designed. Contact our company for your pressure vessel engineering and design services.