Autoclaves for Laminated Glass

Get consistent heating and cooling with every batch in the glass laminating autoclaves we manufacture.


In many cases, the glass industry uses autoclaves to manufacture laminated glass. We all have come to rely on this safety glass because it holds together in the event of a fracture. With this in mind, it is no wonder this special glass is used in the architectural and automotive sectors. Our company designs and builds the unique quick opening vessels used for the curing process. When it comes to these, we are willing to adapt to our customers needs. So, this means that your unit will suit your unique setup. Along with the basic unit, we can include all that you need for a complete system. For instance, this can include equipment for heating, cooling, pressure, vacuum, controls, and carts.

The curing of this glass is not an easy process. Therefore, the design and manufacture of your unit requires a great deal of skill and knowledge of the curing process. For instance, the ability to raise and lower the pressure and temperature at the right rate required for glass is difficult to achieve. But, the computer controls and valves on our units give you the ability to increase and decrease heat, pressure, and air flow with precision and at the right rate. As a result, you are able to cure the glass without thermal shock. With this in mind, please reach out to us when you are in need of a glass laminating autoclave manufacturer.

Features of Our Glass Laminating Autoclaves