PMI Testing Services (Positive Material Identification)

Have the assurance that you have the right alloy with our PMI testing services.

Overview - Positive Material Identification Services

Didion Vessel owns and operates a handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device for positive material identification (PMI) testing services. This device allows us to provide rapid, accurate element analysis and alloy identification to customers who demand lab-quality results in the field. The model that we own is an Olympus Vanta Series XRF analyzer.

Per the ASME code, most materials are required to have test reports (MTR’s) provided by the mill or manufacturer that confirm that it is in harmony with the spec it was ordered to. As a result of mistakes and overseas supply MTR’s can have errors. PMI testing is a low-cost service to quickly confirm that your alloys are exactly what the MTR says they are. In other words, it ensures your critical and high-cost alloys meet your chemistry needs.

The Didion Advantage - PMI Testing Services

We can perform this service at a much cheaper rate than compared to contracting this work out to a 3rd party vendor.

Having this service in-house also enables us to confirm that our deposited weld metal meets chemistry specs. In most cases, these tests are performed when a weld procedure is first developed, but then no further testing is performed throughout the project. At our shop, we can test the chemistry of our deposited weld metal all throughout the construction process. This is especially helpful with our weld overlay and clad projects. Call us for your positive material identification (PMI) testing services needs.