Horizontal or Down Flow Vapor or Gas / Liquid Separators (Oil and Gas)

Type DSL Separators. High efficiency vapor or gas / liquid separators (oil and gas).

Overview - Vapor or Gas / Liquid Separators

The type DSL Model is our most cost-effective and compact line of gas (vapor) / liquid separators, which we manufacture and supply. In addition, they work for both vertical down flow and horizontal flow. Also, they have the same guaranteed efficiency of all our standard models, which is a removal of 99% of all droplets and debris 10 microns and larger. Moreover, that efficiency can easily be improved on by the use of mesh pads. We offer a wide variety of custom gas and oil separator vessels to suit your specific needs.

Type DSL Models are our only standard models that can operate in the vertical down flow. When in this position, they can handle a heavy liquid load and run efficiently. When in the horizontal flow position, their efficiency is great, but their liquid handling capacity is much less. We can improve this by adding a sump in the vessel. But, in most cases when there is a high liquid load, even if it is rare, it is better to use the type DST Model separator for horizontal flows.

But, if you want a horizontal flow unit, and you have a low liquid load at all times in your piping, then the type DSL Model is what you need. Please contact us for help in selecting the right model and size for you.

Dimensional sketch for DSL gas (vapor) liquid separators.
Dimensional chart for DSL vapor (gas) liquid separators.

Features of Standard Oil and Gas Separators

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