Industrial Radiographic Testing of Welds - NDT Company

Take a look inside your weld with our industrial radiographic testing services.

Overview - Industrial Radiography For Weld Testing

At our NDT company in Bellevue, Ohio (USA), we use both x-ray and gamma sources for testing many of our welds for flaws. We also offer this service to customers who want testing on their provided components. Consider a few details about about our testing:

Our company operates a modern shooting room and darkroom with automatic film processing. We are licensed for, own, and use Iridium 192 for our gamma source. We also hold a license for Cobalt 60, if needed. Among our X-Ray equipment is our 320 KV/26 MA Comet X-Ray Tube with GE Isovolt Titan Processor – Controlled Transformer System and our 300 KV/5 MA Seifert X-Ray Tube. Currently, our staff consists of three ASNT Level II’s and one appointed Level III (SNT-TC-1A).

In addition to our RT, we offer mag-particle testing (MT) and liquid penetrant testing (PT). Also, we have a certified weld inspector (CWI) on-site. In short, all of your NDT weld testing needs covered with one company.

The Didion Advantage - NDT Weld Testing Company

Having industrial radiography for testing of welds as one of our in-house services has great advantages. Firstly, it allows us to have greater control over every job that requires it. This is because we do not have to rely on the schedule of contracted NDT weld testing companies. So, we can stay on-schedule.

Secondly, having both x-ray and gamma sources makes us more flexible. We are able to quickly move our gamma source to various locations in our shop. This helps out when the vessel or piping is too large to move into our shooting room. At the same time, our x-ray equipment is ideal for smaller items of large quantity.

And thirdly, it contributes towards our speed and towards saving you money on your project. We are willing to respond quickly and adapt to your needs. This is true for company projects that include fabrication and for projects that are only for the industrial radiographic weld testing and other NDT services. Please let us know how we can be of help to you.