Example of a vessel by Didion's Mechanical.
A custom, certified autoclave vessel.
Example picture of a separator by Didion's Mechanical.

Didion Vessel

ASME Pressure Vessel Company

Our focus is on heavy high pressure units, along with large custom designs. We are family owned and operated, with more than 30 years of experience, and over 3,100 vessels certified. We take pride in being able to make quick deliveries, while maintaining what we consider to be the best quality.

Didion Autoclave

Autoclave Company

We custom design and build all of our ASME certified autoclaves to fit your needs. Above all we offer what we feel are the safest autoclaves in the industry. They also have easy to use controls that can easily integrate into your system. Start-up assistance and repair services are also available.

Didion Separator

Moisture Separator Company

We specialize in the design and build of various types of separators. To explain, these units separate the entrained droplets and debris from gas and steam lines. We offer a standard model line, therefore, they can quickly be shipped to you. We also offer custom designs to suit your unique gas flow.

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