Industrial Autoclaves

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Overview - Large Industrial Autoclaves

Didion Autoclave is a designer and manufacturer of ASME certified industrial large autoclaves in Bellevue, Ohio, USA. We also perform repairs and re-builds. In addition, our company can help with the install and start-up. We also offer services for door alignment and calibration of your instruments and controls. No matter what industry you serve, we are ready to help you!

We take pride in designing  our own doors. These doors are among the safest built. Because of their heavy and simple design they rarely need to be adjusted. Moreover, our engineers see to it that your door assembly is safe, code-compliant, and durable. When designing a large autoclave, we strive to keep our customer’s production goals and unique factory layout in mind.

Our units can come fully integrated and ready for power. For example, equipment such as air compressors, tanks, chillers, vacuum pumps and more can be provided, giving you a complete turnkey system. In addition, some of this equipment can be mounted directly to your unit or on a skid sub-assembly.

As you know, many manufacturers make their industrial autoclaves look good, but underneath the shiny paint and decals there is a lack of attention to detail. Our company shines in both the paint and the details!



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Our Specialized Door for Industrial Autoclaves

How it Works

In most cases, Didion Autoclave uses an air activated door seal. How does this seal work? After the door closes, the air pressure behind the gasket pushes the gasket out against the sealing surface. Once the unit is under pressure, the gasket no longer needs the air behind it to keep a seal. This is because the vessel pressure has become the force compressing the gasket. When it is time to open the door, the internal pressure drains from the unit and a vacuum is applied to the back of the gasket. The vacuum pulls the gasket back into its groove, which prevents the gasket from dragging on the door when it rotates.


Many use the common wedge-lock style design to seal the doors. However, the air door seal is superior in many ways. How so? First, there is only a small amount of metal to metal contact when the door is opening and closing. This means that there is very little wear on the locking elements. This eliminates much maintenance, such as lubricating, adjusting, and/or replacing wedges. There is also better stress distribution on the locking lugs because the lugs have a greater contact area with each other. And lastly, our doors don’t need a lot of force to lock and unlock. This means you can operate it manually (if the need arises) and there is less wear on the door opening mechanisms.

Of course, we want our customers to be happy. And, since all of our units can be customized, as the manufacturer we are more than willing to use the door seal design that you prefer for your large industrial autoclaves.

Manufacturer of Custom Large Autoclaves

As an autoclave manufacturer, we are pleased to meet your custom needs. This includes, but is not limited to, control packages, door openers, door seals, and heating methods. If you need help choosing the options that best suit your needs, you can rely on our expertise (and good customer service) to assist you!

Commitment to Safety

We know that safety is a major concern to you. Please know that it is to us, also! As our customer, you can feel good that you have bought an industrial autoclave that is one of the safest on the market. We include electronic control system safeties and mechanical fail-safes that exceed code requirements. This protects against operator and equipment error, because it is virtually impossible to open the door when it’s under pressure (no matter how slight). As a result, your equipment and, more importantly, the lives of your workers are kept safe!

Standard Test Runs

We make it a practice to test all of our large industrial autoclaves before we send them out. We test the programming and run your chosen batch cycle in-shop. In other words, this extra step ensures that you will have a headache free start up at your facility. In fact, we can help you with your start up, also.

Robust Door Design For Industrial Large Autoclaves

We have designed our door locking rings in a way that makes sure there is not any deformation or deflection, even when under pressure. This means that we went beyond the acceptable ASME allowable stresses. Our door hinges are also some of the heaviest in the industry. The weight of the door when open will not flex the hinge in the least! As a result, your large autoclaves have a longer life and the need to re-align the door is greatly reduced.

In-House Services - Autoclave Manufacturer

Our company offers many in-house services to customers, which include: engineering, drafting, fabrication, machining, radiography, and heat treatment. We perform all of these services at our shop in Bellevue, Ohio, USA. Having these at our finger tips enables us to keep a tight grip on two things that are very important to us: quality and delivery. Since we have little dependence on third-party vendors, we can make sure deliveries are on time.

We have full confidence that you will enjoy doing business with us. Not only do we manufacture large autoclaves for all kinds of industrial purposes, but we also give great service with every job. You can rely on us from the beginning to the end of your project. And, you can count on our support for many years to come!