Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, VPI Autoclave Systems

Reach every “nook and cranny” in your wood and other porous materials with our VPI Autoclave systems.

Overview - VPI Autoclaves for Wood & Porous Materials

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) is a technology system that helps to penetrate liquids into materials or devices. In this process, the penetration is attained by the use of vacuum and/or pressure. VPI has a wide array of uses. It can aid in the insulation of electrical coil winding, as well as, wood and graphite treatment. This process creates a better product in less time, for a lower cost. For instance, this equipment is one of the most cost effective options to the normal dip and bake methods. At Didion Autoclave, we tailor your VPI system to your needs, no matter what they might be.

There are some challenges; for example, corrosive chemicals are often what is being impregnated into the material. Therefore, this poses a clear threat to the life of your autoclave. That is why it must be thought of, and we can help you select the right alloy. Also, we have the know-how in working with a wide array of alloys. And, our door seal design continues to prove that it can seal liquid, even in the horizontal position. Moreover, we have built autoclaves in a number of sectors. In short, you can be confident to choose us for the design and build of your vacuum pressure impregnation autoclave system.

Features of Our VPI Systems