Medical Waste Autoclaves Manufacturer

Waste enters our commercial medical waste Autoclaves as a bio-hazard, but comes out safe for disposal.

Overview - Commercial Medical Waste Autoclaves

Medical Waste Sterilizers

About 90% of medical waste is suitable for steam sterilization. So, it is the best and most common method to replace incineration. Therefore, this is a great option to think about, because it cuts down on costs. Also, it does not have the same health and safety risks.

We manufacture and supply autoclaves for medical waste to hospitals, as well as, commercial waste processors and pharmas for their sterilization needs. In addition, our shop can provide you with a complete system. For instance, we can include carts, shredders, boilers, waste cart tippers, and more. In short, the medical waste autoclaves that we manufacture are proven to save on costs and to be a safe way to process your waste, which includes items such as sharps and red bags.

Packaged Food Sterilizers

Sterilizing in an autoclave also kills all of the microbes in packing such as jars, cans, plastic bags, as well as other packaging. Also, it cleans fast and without the use of harsh chemicals, which results in better health for your workers and users. In most cases, the packing is cleaned after the food is placed into it. But, at times, it is cleaned before the food is added. In short, we custom design and build food sterilizer systems that fit your unique needs.

We manufacture all of our commercial sterilizers for medical waste and packaged foods to mid to high pressure steam or water capabilities at our shop in Ohio, USA. We also provide high pressure processing (HPP) units for ultra high pressure sterilization. Moreover, we know the market’s changing needs, and we know how to comply with the strict design standards that come along with this type of vessel. 

Features - Medical Waste Autoclaves