Post Weld Heat Treatment Services Company

Your weldment never leaves our company property for post weld heat treatment services.

Overview - Post Weld Heat Treatment Services Company

Our company has many years of experience when it comes to post weld heat treatment services. We have performed quench and tempering, normalizing, and other treatments, but by far the primary use of our equipment is for PWHT. This process helps relieve the residual stresses induced from welding and, at the same time, reduce the weld’s hardness. This improves toughness and ductility. Whether or not a pressure vessel or pipe spool needs PWHT is guided by the ASME code. However, a customer can request it even if it is not required by the code.

Using computer-controlled units, we have the ability to process a variety of vessel sizes with our gas fired furnace. Our system can accommodate a part up to 10 1/2 feet wide, by 11 feet high, by 40 feet long. It offers a 16 million BTU rating for post weld heat treatment services.

What if your component is bigger than our furnace? We then wrap your weldment with insulation, and use our gas burners to provide the controlled heat to the inside of your vessel. Basically, we heat it from the inside. At times, we also make use of computer controlled electric pads if more economical.

The Didion Advantage

Having post weld heat treatment services at our company shop in Ohio allows us to have greater control over every fabrication that requires it. This is because we do not have to ship our products to another facility for PWHT and then back to us. This translates into cost-savings to our customer. It also helps us to keep a tight grip on the quality of the work performed and on the project schedule as we do not have to rely on contracted facilities.