Steam Exhaust Heads

Clean it before you vent it with our industrial air and steam exhaust heads.


These are mechanical type separators that remove liquids and solid particles from exhaust gases. Why are they important? Because, they prevent damage to adjacent machinery and nearby buildings. In addition, they cut down pollution. Also, their simple design and ease of use make them a choice that most prefer. Especially, when you compare them to types of gas or steam exhaust heads that may have moving parts or replacement filters.

So, how do they work? The vapor passes through an internal element. This element spins the exhaust gas, and the resulting centrifugal force pushes the liquid and solid particles against the outer wall of the unit. This entrainment then rolls down and drains out the bottom. As a result, dry, clean gas ejects into the atmosphere.

In addition to steam exhaust heads, we design and manufacture a variety of types of air and gas processing equipment. For example, we build separators, flash tanks, boiler drums, vessels, piping, and more. Therefore, we have all of your needs covered! Please reach out to us for any of your processing equipment needs.

Dimensional sketch for steam exhaust heads.
Dimensional chart for steam exhaust heads.

Features of Standard Steam Exhaust Heads