AAC Concrete Autoclaves Manufacturer

High capacity, quick loading concrete Autoclaves for AAC block curing plants.

Overview - Concrete Autoclaves for AAC Plants

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), also known as cellular concrete (ACC), is a manufactured concrete that is cured under high pressure steam. However, some may ask, what is it? And also, what is its use? In short, it is a highly insulated concrete based material used for inside and outside construction.

This type of unit has its own design challenges. For instance, they can be 200 feet long or more! This is so that the handling of large loads for rail cars is possible. As a result of this length, though, thermal expansion is an issue. Also, masonry debris that collects in the drains can be an issue. Therefore, we take all of this into account in the design and build of your specific unit.