Geothermal steam flash tanks or separators by vessels manufacturer.

Steam Flash Tanks

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Overview - Flash Vessels or Separators

A condensate flash separator vessel is the major component of a flash recovery system. Many plants use them to recover the energy that is in their condensate. The pumps push the higher pressure condensate into a lower pressure flash tank to accomplish this energy recovery. Then, at this lower pressure, a percentage of the condensate flashes. This flash steam is a useful resource. For instance, you can use it for low-pressure processes or heating. Then, there is the option to repeat the process for a second stage flash, at an even lower pressure. As a result, you have improved efficiency and cost savings. Didion Separator is a designer and manufacturer of condensate flash tanks, in addition to our separators, boiler drums, and vessels.

How do They Work?

So, let’s get into the specifics. How do our flash recovery vessels work? The process starts with the use of a tangential inlet nozzle. As a result, the condensate is put in a spinning motion as it enters the lower pressure tank. This spinning motion presses the liquid against the outer walls of the tank through centrifugal force. This results in a low-pressure vortex in the middle of the vessel, which the steam flashes into. Then, an outlet nozzle at the center of the vortex carries the flash steam up and out of the tank. Lastly, the remaining condensate drains out the bottom of the tank. Making use of this spinning motion allows us to flash the steam at a high velocity. In short, this means that we can use a much smaller vessel in comparison to traditional steam flash tanks.

Dimensional sketch for steam flash tanks or vessels.
Dimensional chart for DSU steam flash separators or tanks.

Features of Standard Steam Flash Tanks

Please feel free to contact us for help in choosing the right model for you. If our standard models do not suit your needs, we can provide you with custom designs for your project. Keep in mind that in addition to our steam flash tanks, we are also a manufacturer of boiler drums and vessels. So, we have all your needs covered!